Flash EXE Encrypter

Flash EXE Encrypter 9.0

Protects EXE and SWF files

The Flash EXE Encrypter software program is designed to encrypt the EXE or SWF of your Flash files. The encryption of your EXE and SWF files will protect them from being distributed without your explicit consent.

The Flash EXE Encrypter prevents any hacker from cracking your product key in order to gain access to the full version of your files. This program prevents copying and decompiling.

The games you have on your desktop can be protected by a password and it will bind your program to only be played by you and not anyone else.

The Flash EXE Encrypter ensures you let the people you personally choose to gain access to your files and not anyone you didn’t approve. This program works by popping up a message to input a password every time someone tries to gain access to your file.